Long Range Folding Electric Bike - STT-S

Color :


Hub Motor
1200W (Peak) 750W (Sustained), 
48V/15Ah(720Wh)  lithium battery


35~55 miles (57~90 km)

YL80C LCD Display
Thumb throttle
US standard 3.0 A smart charger
Pedal Assist
3, 5, 7, or 9 levels (default 5)
Crank Set
210mm w/52T
6061 Aluminium
CST 20"*4.0 Fat Tire
Shimano M310 8 -Speed 
Dual Piston Hydraulic Brakes 180mm
Front Fork
Suspension with Adjustable Lockout
Heavy duty aluminum
12-32T 8-Speed
Wellgo Aluminum Platform
Soft and comfortable
Front Light
48V LED light
Rear Light
Integrated Taillight
25 MPH
Water resistant connectors and wiring harness
Double Wall Aluminum 36H Front & Rear
Battery, charger, assembly guide, user manual

Tesgo ebikes are built to the IPX6 water-resistant standard. IPX6 means that your bike is resistant to water splashes from any direction. Which means it’s OK to ride or park your ebike in the rain. It won’t be harmed by spray from a wet road or raindrops. Your ebike is not intended to be submerged or subjected to a pressurized spray. Don’t use a pressure washer or sprayer to clean your ebike.


Handlebar Height 48-53" Seat Max Height 40.15"
Handlebar Width 26'' Seat Min Height 32.2"
Top Tube 26.37" Foldable Size 40.55"*19.68"*31.49"
Standover Height 27.17" Wheel Diameter 20"
Head Tube 6.49“ Total Length 70”
Chain Length 16.53" WheelBase 47.24"
Bike Weight 66.2 lbs Package Weight 88.2 lbs
 Load Capacity 330 lbs Rider Heights 5'3"- 6'4"

Download The Ebikes Owner's Manual here: Strength-STT-S Manual

Download LCD Owner's Manual here: YL80C Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Abe Wall
So much fun.

I'm so pleased the bike that I take it every where and using it for an nice long tour every day. Everything is working well.

Tesgo 750w STT-S

For the money, this ebike is fantastic from a legit company. I ordered online, paid with a major cc and product was delivered. Nothing sketchy or shady.

Price (compare other ebikes online and try to find a more competitive price for what this ebike provides, in Canada)
Somewhat portable, feels strong, easy to use, easy to assemble, check YouTube videos for help. This is a "generic" Chinese built folding ebike, so there are parts (brakes etc.) available.
Easy to program (YouTube).
This bike is super fast great torque, great brakes, great range (range stated is as precise as they can be), great LCD screen, LED lighting front and back and on the seat pole(!!!!), well built, and it's super fun.
This ebike comes with a luggage rack which makes this ebike very versatile.

Heavy - when folded, it's so awkward to carry up to my SUV, that I need another person for help. Would've been great to install handles for easy carry.
At high top speeds, this ebike develops a minor speed wobble (nothing like motorcycles). But this isn't meant to be raced or for speed, so really this is irrelevant. If you're looking for speed, why look at an ebike with 20" rims and 4" tires??? Obviously with those tires, it's an all terrain commuter bike.
Bell and seat needs upgrades but VERY easy fix - not really a dislike because these are irrelevant.

*Not too many dislikes for this commuter 750w ebike.its not meant to be raced or for speed, all 750w are heavy and quite a bike to handle, it's a big ebike and the handlebar clamps does need some power and I've been over top speed several times and the handlebar has never failed me and "unclamped" itself. Tighten all clamps as much as possible, this is a folding bike. ITS A FOLDING COMMUTER EBIKE. Oh and yes I had a small paint chip, fixed in 2 minutes with an older black touch up paint, not a problem, at all to me.

Shipping - great and on time as stated. Shipped within 5 days and delivered 1 day after. Depending on where you live in Canada eh, shipping varies.

I will rate this a 4.5, only real dislike I have is that it is extremely awkward to carry into your car/SUV, and Customer Service is slow. However, company is legit, nothing shady, shipping was on time and faster than expected, well built with quality, strong, alot of torque, very fast, all products were included and nothing missing, comfy and great price for a 750w ebike, and of course, SUPER FUN. I ride motorcycles and this is just as fun (if you can't understand, own both and you'll know then what I mean).

Don't let the pics fool you, this bike is a big bike. I highly recommend and invest in a very good lock. Hurry before it's sold out again.

Mark Gyles

I wanted to give this bike a good review. Things that are weak
1) kickstand broke standing up right front of me on the bikes own weight.
2) bell is super cheap. Toss it and buy one that isn't made for a child.
3) handle bar clamp that keeps the handle bar stem locked is hard to tighten and clamp without maximum effort, and can suddenly come unclamped at high speeds.
4) brakes work amazingly enough, but not one shop in my major city has parts/pads for them.
5) excellarator throttle is on left side in close proximity to way too many power buttons & shifter buttons. I replaced it w a Rad e-bike throttle where it belongs on the right handle.
6) "Range" is definitely no where near 100km unless you were peddling as fast as you can on pedal assist in 1st gear.
7) the pedals, which I asked for them to replace, are to tight of a thread for the crank arms, both of them stripped in the first week.
But for the price and the gear bag and the time it is shipped, it was a decent purchase if all of those items above are addressed immediately. The tires have been decent. Front shocks work well, it has amazing pick up, and goes way faster than you as a human should be comfortable with on bike paths. Stick to the roads w it because it scares the hell out of pedestrians.

claude benoit
pay attention

They say, In Stock, Shipping: Within 10 Business Days but
if you want to buy this bike think twice,
you're going to have to wait a very very long time.
Here is the proof

Thank you for your purchase!

Date: mar. 15 mars 2022 16 h 31
Subject: Order #TSG11xx confirmed to
my wife.

I have to write a customer review every day because they erase it every day.

Hello Benoit,
I have checked your order. You place an order on January 7th, and you will receive it on January 21st. Why do you say that it has not been received after 45 days? And I have also contacted you by email.

Bob Clarke
Great purchase

Great purchase and only issue is the outside control wire being dislodged by a pant leg several times. Will have to look a securing it further.

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